Why Safestyle?

The Safestyle safety stirrups are the best choice in several respects. In addition to the safe removal of the stirrups from the feet, they also offer a better leg position and a fine, safe and familiar feeling when riding. 
In our opinion, safety stirrups have to comply with a number of aspects in order to actually be called a safety stirrup.
Safety aspects 
- the stirrup must be partially open on one side, or partially closed with a soft bendable rubber. If the stirrup is completely open on one side, it may be difficult to find the stirrup in case of loss, so it is preferable to use a flexible rubber part on one side. 
- the stirrup must not be completely or partially closed with a hard plastic, metal or hard rubber part, then under certain circumstances you can still hang in the stirrups. Unfortunately, there are practical examples of this, which is why we only work with soft rubber parts to close off the stirrup.
- a safety stirrup must have a special design to allow the foot to actually escape from the stirrups under different conditions during a fall, because nobody always falls to the side of the horse. It can also happen that the rider falls towards the front or rear. The shape and design of the stirrup plays an important role in this. 
- Because Safestyle meets all important safety aspects, our stirrups are the safest in the world.
Posture and sitting

A very important aspect of the rider's posture and seat is the leg position. Due to the special design of the Safestyle stirrups, they exert a slight constant inward and upward pressure on the feet and legs, which improves the leg position.

Several riders have given us the feedback that since they ride with the Safestyle stirrups, they have a quieter and improved leg position. This benefits the overall posture and sitting of the rider.
Confidence while riding
Perhaps the most important thing is the confidence that riders gain by riding with the Safestyle safety bars. It helps riders enormously to know that they can't get their feet stuck in the stirrups and cause an accident. This not only makes riding safer, but also a lot more relaxed. If the rider has more confidence and therefore rides more relaxed, the horse will feel this and will also be more relaxed. In this way the riding pleasure will increase and better performance will be achieved. Riders become more one with their horse!