Safestyle Junior 90 degree stirrups


The familiar 90 degree bracket of Safestyle is the most famous.

Because the eye of the bracket is rotated 90 degrees, you have no more trouble with twisted bracket straps.

10.5 cm Safestyle Stirrup, also called junior size.



The familiar 90 degrees safety stirrup of Safestyle is the most well-known. The 10.5 cm/4.13 inch Junior stirrup is ideal for children and people with smaller feet.

Because the eye of the bracket 90 degrees has been rotated you have no more load of twisted brace belts. Many race riders from all over the world drive with this bracket and are extremely satisfied. The Safestyle 90 degrees are also widely used in long distance rides, recreational driving, outdoor rides, eventing and for dressage and jumping. The bracket is very stylishly designed and is partly due to the safety aspect of many jury members in the taste. Also because more and more organizations are increasingly considering safety for the rider.
The 90 degree bracket of Safestyle has the same weight as most other common stirrups and is still the most secure stirrup in the world.

The Safestyle Junior are suitable up to shoe size EU 34/35, after that we recommend adult stirrups. For wide feet, riding with stable shoes or wider shoes, we recommend the adult Safestyle stirrups.

The Safestyle Junior 90 degrees 10,5 cm/ 4,13 inch stirrups are delivered per 2 pieces, including rubber seals and stirrup blocks.

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