About Safestyle

Why should riders choose Safestyle?

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Safestyle brings a new dimension to equestrian sports

We now have the following products in our assortment:

  • The well-known Safestyle 90 degree stirrup 12 cm
  • the 90 degree bracket junior size 10.5 cm
  • The Safestyle Traditional 12 cm
  • The XLite Stirrup
  • The Shock Absorber Robust
  • The Safety Hook
  • underwired cubes
  • rubber seals

More product explanations can be found in every article in our webshop. If you have any questions, you can send them to info@safestyle.nl after viewing the different products.

Safestyle wishes you a lot and safe driving pleasure!

Designed for better performance

Equestrian sports are practiced in our country by young and old. From amateurs and recreational enthusiasts to a very high level. Even the most experienced riders sometimes have accidents. Most injuries are caused by a fall of the horse. The stirrup plays a crucial role, because the rider can get stuck in a closed stirrup with his foot.
Through years of research there is now a stirrup that does not force a possible fall of the horse. A free space gives the foot the possibility to step unobstructed from the stirrup.
Equestrian sport represents a certain allure. One wants the best for himself and the horse. Besides the ergonomic conditions on the stirrup is also invested in design and material use. The result is a beautiful quieted form in pure material use. The bracket is made of high quality stainless steel and therefore has an ideal weight.

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